Battle Skill

Basic Skills

  • Basic Skills deal huge damage to enemies and inflicts status effects.
  • Each class has 8 basic skills and can equip 4 skills.
  • Skills can be freely used and each have cooldowns after use.
  • You can upgrade a skill up to Lv. 30 or use currency to reset its upgrade level and retrieve the used Skill Points.

Special Skills

  • Special Skills have a more powerful impact and stronger status effects.
  • Each class has 4 Special Skills.
  • The Special Skill Gauge is activated once it is fully charged.
  • You can use any Special Skills 2 times, and the gauge is deactivated thereafter.
  • You can upgrade the Special Skills up to Lv. 30.

Skill Gauge

  • This special gauge is required to unleash Special Skills and can be charged by using basic attacks or skill.
  • When charged, an available Special Skill is indicated, and will reset after using any 2 Special Skills.


  • You can swap skills or change the order they're in.
  • Select a skill to edit from Skill List. Then, select a skill from Edit List to swap skills.
  • Select a skill to edit from Skill List and then select a skill at the desired position to change order.
  • You can use Auto Edit to edit skills more conveniently.


  • To upgrade a skill, you need different currency from Gold.
    • Basic Skill: Skill Points
    • Special Skills: Skill Books
  • Basic Skills can be reset to retrieve Skill Points invested.
  • Special Skills cannot be reset.

Skill Points

  • Skill Points are used to upgrade Basic Skills.
  • You'll gain 1 Skill Point each time until you reach Lv. 30, and 2 Skill Points for each level-up at Lv.31 and beyond.

Skill Books

  • Skill Book is a book used to upgrade Speical Skills.

Passive Skills

How to Obtain

When you reach character level 30, you will be able to select 4 Passive Skills

1 Passive Point is used to acquire a Skill.

Passive Skill Points

When you reach a certain level and unlock Passive Skill, you will earn 4 Passive Skill Point and then earn 4 points every 10 levels thereafter.

Set Passive Skills

Select and then Set Passive Skills to apply them using Passive Skill Points.

Upgrade Passive Skills

Use Passive Skill Points to upgrade Passive Skills.

Buy Additional Passive Upgrade Points

When you reach Lv. 40, Lv. 70, Lv. 100, you can buy additional Passive Upgrade Points using Diamonds.

You can buy up to 28 Points.


You can reset both Passive Skills and Bonus Skills.

When you reset, all skills will be unlearned and the used Passive skill Points will be retrieved.

Resetting skills requires Gold and the cost increases as your level gets higher.

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