Relic contains knowledge and treasure from the former Guardian Dragon and Talions. You can open the item through the Relic Laboratory and earn various items. It requires a considerable amount of time to open the relics. The higher the grade, the more time it will take to open one.

One time elapses, you can open the Relics and obtain the items inside.

A minimum of 1 Reliquary can be used. You can add up to 3 more to use maximum of 4 Reliquaries.

Types of Relics

Old Relic
ITEM Relic01
Normal Relic
ITEM Relic02
Solid Relic
ITEM Relic03
Special Relic
ITEM Relic04 (1)
Splendid Relic
ITEM Relic05 (1)
Divine Relic
ITEM Relic06 (1)
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