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A Raid boss appears in the neutral Great Gate region for a set period of time. The Alliance that deals the most damage to the Raid Boss wins. If you defeat the Raid Boss, you will receive additional rewards. The 10 heroes in each Alliance that dealt the most damage will also receive additional rewards.


Defeat the large and powerful Raid Monster that appears at a specific time. Enemy Alliances can also enter at the same time, so it is important to hold the Enemy Alliance in check while fighting the monster. Raid ends when the Raid Monster is defeated or when it exceeds the time limit.


Planerin: The Malevolent Dragon

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Spawn Location: Great Gate


Spawn Location: West Zairon



Spawn Location: East Zairon


Item Type Reward Condition
Basic Equipment Chest Kill Reward Issued to all Alliances upon defeating the Raid Monster
Legacy of the Guardian Dragon Victory Reward Issued to the Alliance that deals the most damage to the Raid Monster
Traces of the Guardian Dragon Participation Reward Issued to the alliance that deals the least damage to the Raid Monster
Planerin's Relics Conqueror Reward Issued to the top damage dealer to the Raid Monster
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