Types of Quests

Main Quests

Main Quests are mandatory for main story progression.

You can get various rewards by completing them.


NPCs in each region give out Sub-quests.

They are not mandatory, but you can still earn rewards by completing them.

Daily Quests

Complete Daily Quests everyday.

Quests are given every day according to your level and provide various rewards upon completion.

Tap and hold the Daily Quest Helper to view a list of Daily Quests.

Infiltration Quests

These special quests require infiltrating Enemy Alliance Zones.

You'll be able to carry out quests after accepting and tapping the portal icon next to each quest.

You can return to your Alliance zone when you complete the quests or tap the portal icon while you are in the enemy zone.

Repeat Quest

Repeat quests can be carried out repeatedly.

These quests can be completed without limit at a specific level phase and you can get various rewards by completing them.

Run Quests


You will start a quest immediately after speaking with an NPC or accepting it from the Quest List.

You can view the progress in the Quest List or game screen.


A quest is completed by reaching its requirement.

Various rewards are found upon completing quests.

Auto Progress

Tap a quest displayed on the right side of the screen to automatically start that quest.

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