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A massive 20 vs 20 all out battle between Alliances.

Battle the enemy to capture, then keep bases. Occupied bases provide points periodically. The Alliance that accrues more points over time wins earning both money and honor!

Time Limit: 12 Minutes


The rules are simple:

When the Occupy starts, you will choose one of 4 roles before starting. Capture various structures to gain buffs. Ultimately, capture bases in order to gain Victory Points. Earn 5,000 Victory Points before the opposing Alliance does or earn more Victory Points within the time limit to win.

Time Limit: 12 min


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You can select one of 4 roles to participate in battle.

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Role Description Skills
Defense Take up the role of Defense and protect ally Bases. Veteran Warrior: Reduces catapult damage by 50% and provides immunity to disabled actions.

Indomitable Will: Increases PvP DEF

Charger Chargers can swiftly take down enemies using high Move Speed & ATK. Slaughterer: Increases PvP ATK and Critical.

Swift Advance: Increased Move Speed.

Healer Assist your allies' battles using the skills of a Healer. Shout of Regeneration: Heals 2% HP of allies within 8m every 5 seconds.

Flag of conflict: Increases cooldown stats of allies within 10m.

Support Select the role of Support to handle important structures. Use Catapults to provide supporting fire to the engagement area. Emergency Repairs: Increases all structure repair/supply capability. Enables Catapult mounting.

Diligence: Increases Move Speed.



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  • Bases provide Victory Points per 3 seconds. There are total 4 Normal Bases and 1 Core Base. Core Base gives more Victory Points per seconds than Normal Bases.


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  • Use Supplies to repair Catapults.
  • You'll be able to provide powerful supporting fire once they're fixed.

Supply Pile

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  • Supplies are required to activate Catapults. Recharge the Catapults in order to activate them
  • Turn in the Supplies found at the starting point to activate the Catapult.


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  • Repair the Stables available to each Alliance.
  • All your allies will gain access to Rides once Stable is repaired.


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  • Your allies will return to the battlefield faster with the reduced revival time.
  • Repair the Altar to reduce the time required for revivalof your Alliance.

Ancient Power

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  • Take hold of the Ancient Power and gain a powerful buff.
  • Overcome fear and unleash your full strength on the battlefield.


Reward Description
Victory Loot of Victory Loot for winning in Occupy. Get equipment and various growth materials.
Participation Loot of Honor Loot for participating in Occupy. Get equipment and various growth materials.
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