Character Menu

Character menu displays when you tap your character's portrait or other characters on the screen.

You can view character info, send friend invitation, or block players.


A map is displayed on the top right corner of the screen, shows the surrounding terrain as well as information of other players and monsters.

Tap the [+] button to view an enlarged map displayed at the center of the screen.

You can also tap the map itself to display the world map and view information on all regions.

On the world map, you can Auto Move to any NPCs, monsters, or portals by tapping them.


Slots are available for using items quickly.

You can add and use up to 4 items: 1 potion, Magic Stone, and 2 Scrolls.


Chat is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Usually, only a simple message is displayed, but you can expand the chat screen by tapping it.

You can use a Megaphone or select chats based on their categories in the expanded chat screen.

You can also share your location and item info.

Buff Info

Shows a list of active buffs and debuffs currently at the top left of the screen.

Basic buffs and debuffs are shown under your character's portrait, and buffs are shown in the detail pop-up when you tap the [>] button



You can manually control camera distance and directions.

Control camera height and directions by moving the screen around, and adjust the distance between the camera and your character using two fingers.


The direction the character headed is controlled automatically, only enabling control of distance and height.

You can move the screen around to control the distance and height, but the camera will automatically rotate to the direction your character is facing right away.

You can adjust the distance between the camera and your character using two fingers.

Quarter View

Enable a top-down view.

The view shows your character's current situation, enabling tactical decision when necessary.

You can rotate the camera view or adjust the distance using two fingers.

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