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Magic Symbol boosts your character by engraving symbols into slots using different currencies.

Each Magic Symbol comes with a unique rank and stats that are determined randomly.

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In addition, your character will receive Total Rank Effect from engraved Magic Symbols.

Engrave Magic Symbols

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Before Engraving

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After Engraving

Use different currencies to randomly engrave Magic Symbols into Symbol slots.

There are four currencies that you can use to engrave Magic Symbols:

  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Symbol Stones
  • Golds

Existing Magic Symbols will be replaced with new Symbols upon Engrave.

Pin Symbols

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Before Engraving

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Engraving with Pin Function

You can pin or unpin a set number of Magic Symbols in the tool tip screen.

Pinned Magic Symbols are not refreshed during Engrave. The Engrave cost may increase depending on the number of pinned Symbols.

Engrave Level Up

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Before Level Up

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After Level Up

You can level up Engrave using EXP gained when you engrave Symbols.

Symbols are unlocked when the Engrave Level increases with extra Engrave cost.

Total Rank Effect Increase

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Upon Engrave if the total Rank of Magic Symbols is higher than the previous total Rank, the total Rank effect will increase.

Character’s ATK/DEF/HP will additionally increase as the totally Rank effect is enhanced.

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