Talion- Origin of Alliances

Talion- Origin of Alliances

200 years ago the Great Demon Aradune descended and brought destruction upon the world.

Though Planerine sacrificed her self in order to protect Nar against evil, her lover Bezenial, was overcome by uncontrollable rage at the loss of his beloved, causing Arslune to have no choice but to put a stop to him.

The earth and the sky shattered beneath the might of the Guardian Dragons' ferocious battle. At the end of an endless fight, they had exhausted their power and fell into an everlasting sleep deep within the earth.

Those who were brought to them by the hand of fate drank the blood of the Guardian Dragons and became their avatars. Each of them tried to restore the earth in their own way.

Aegis, the Shield of Protection that pursues absolute freedom.

Bident, the Flame of Judgement that pursues invincible power.

These two groups, led by the Dragons' avatars constantly clashed with each other over their beliefs and were destined to be incompatible as the two Guardian Dragons.

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