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Kiki Support Group is a service agency that supports Talions, established by those who received help from Talions in the past.

You can request four different missions and receive special rewards when they are completed.


The maximum duration of a Request is 12 hours, and is divided into 3 stages based on duration.

The request stage increases as time elapses after completing a Request. Completing Request of a higher stage will earn you better rewards.

As you complete each Request, the Request Office develops as well. Request Speed increases as the Request Office levels up.

Only one request can be made at a time. However, you can make additional request by paying extra each time.

Request cannot be canceled within 4 hours of the request time.

You will receive a phase reward based on the time the reward is claimed.

  • Phase 1: 4 hours elapsed
  • Phase 2: 8 hours elapsed
  • Phase 3: 12 hours elapsed


The following rewards are available from the Request Office.

Request Reward
Elmost Mine Ride Materials
Hunter's Refuge Wing Materials
Tiamin's Costume Room Costume Materials
Morhen Academy Guardian Fairy Materials
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