Jewelry is an object with mysterious power in it. Jewelry can be equipped in equipments for bonus stats.



Socket is a notch where Jewels are equipped on Equipments. Up to 2 Sockets can be created for all Equipments.

In order to equip Jewels, the Socket of the equipments must be unlocked using Socket Scrolls.

There are three different Socket Scrolls for three different types of equipment: Weapon, Armor, and Accessory.

Weapon Socket Scroll Armor Socket Scroll Accessory Socket Scroll
무기 천공 주문서 (1)
방어구 천공 주문서 (1)
장신구 천공 주문서 (1)

The shape of the Sockets will be chosen in random.

The shape of the Jewel you want to equip must match the shape of the socket.


One exception is Hexagon Jewels, which can be equipped in any socket.



There are 4 types of Jewelry: Square, Triangle, Circle, and Hexagon. The Hexagon Jewel has a random ability from among the rest of the Jewels. It also has higher Stats compared to other Jewels.

Type Square Jewel Triangle Jewel Circle Jewel Hexagon Jewel
보석세공 보석b
보석세공 보석c
보석세공 보석d
보석세공 보석a
Main Stats ATK DEF HP Random

Manage Jewelry

Each Jewel has its own stats.

Jewels can be Enhanced and you can lock your favorite Jewels.

Locked Jewels cannot be deleted in any sort of way.

Equipment with locked Jewels cannot be sold, dismantled, or used as material.

Equipping Jewel is free, however, depending on Jewel's grade, a fee might be charged to extract (unequip) it.

Jewel Enhancement

Jewels can be enhanced up to Level 30. Jewels of the same type (shape) is used as enhancement materials.


Hexagon Jewels, however, can be used as enhance material for all types of Jewels.


Enhancing gives one of three results below:

  • Success: Enhance +1
  • Fail: Enhance +0
  • Fail Big Time: Enhance +0 & Cannot Enhance Anymore

Preventing Big Time Failure

Jewels that cannot be Enhanced due to Big Time Failure can be used as Adjust Materials to prevent other Jewels from Failing Enhance Big Time.


Fusing Jewels


Regardless of their type, two Jewels can be fused to make new Jewels.

The new Jewel is decided based on chance and the rate of getting a Hexagon Jewel is lower than the others.

Jewelry Types

Passionate Garnet (Square)


Stat (Lv. 1)
사각형 공격력
ATK 100
사각형 고정피해
Fixed Damage 85
사각형 치명타 확률
Critical 33
사각형 치명타 피해
Critical Damage 38
사각형 PVP공격력
PvP ATK 128
사각형 보스공격력
Boss ATK 171

Unyielding Sapphire (Triangle)

Jewelry Stat (Lv. 1)
삼각형 방어력
DEF 25
삼각형 관통력
PEN 48
삼각형 치명타저항
Critical Resist 40
삼각형 치명타방어
Critical Defense 24
삼각형 PVP방어력
삼각형 보스방어력
Boss DEF

Tranquil Emerald (Circle)

Jewelry Stats (Lv. 1)
원형 생명력
HP 300
원형 스킬공격력
Skill ATK 85
원형 흡혈확률
Drain Rate 0.05%
원형 흡혈
Drain 71
원형 회복력
Recovery 119
원형 회복증가
Heal Increase 20

Supreme Galaxy (Hexagon)

Jewelry Stats (Lv. 1)
육각형 공격력
ATK 130
육각형 고정피해
Fixed Damage 111
육각형 치명타 확률
Critical 43
육각형 치명타 피해
Critical Damage 49
육각형 PVP공격력
PvP ATK 167
육각형 보스공격력
Boss ATK 222
육각형 방어력
DEF 33
육각형 관통력
PEN 62
육각형 치명타저항
Critical Resist 52
육각형 치명타방어
Critical Defense
육각형 PVP방어력
육각형 보스방어력
Boss DEF 67
육각형 생명력
HP 390
육각형 스킬공격력
Skill ATK 111
육각형 흡혈확률
Drain Rate 0.07%
육각형 흡혈
Drain 93
육각형 회복력
Recovery 154
육각형 회복증가
Heal Increase 36

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