You can form a community, a guild, with others and receive various benefits.

Anyone can create a guild by paying the fee.

Creating or joining a guild grants you various benefits, including Guild Buffs that are exclusive to guild members.

Guild Points increase when guild members make donation to their guild.

The following benefits are available when a guild master expands the guild:

  • Increases Guild Level
  • Increases Guild mmebership
  • New Guild Skills

The guild master can grant Guild Titles to other members to help manage the guild.

Guild Battle


Guilds with 20 or more members


Only Jr. Masters and the master from qualifying guilds can sign their Guild up for Guild Battle.

you can sign up for Guild Battle 2 times a day at designated times.

Guild Battle Rules

It's a massive 20 vs. 20 battle between guilds.

Guild Battle starts 5 minutes after entry time and continues for 30 minutes.

Guild Battle works the same way as Occupy: earn 10,000 Victory Points before the opposing guild does or earn more Victory Points within the time limit to win.

Winning guilds will climb up Guild Battle ranks and receive rewards based on rank.

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