There are 4 ways to enhance your equipments in Talion: Enhance, Limit Break, Upgrade, and Inherit. Enhance increase equipment's enhance level, limit break increase max enhance level of an equipment, upgrade increase the grade of an equipment, and inherit transfer the enhance level of an equipment.


Enhance your equipment to increase its Enhance Level and improve the stats.

Weapon require Weapon Enhance Stones, Armor requires Armor Enhance Stones, and Accessories require Accessory Enhance stone. The required grade of Enhance Stones varies with the Enhance Level of the equipment.

Weapon Enhance Stone
Weapon Enhance Stone I
Weapon Enhance Stone II
Weapon Enhance Stone III
Armor Enhance Stone
Armor Enhance Stone I
Armor Enhance Stone II
Armor Enhance Stone III
Accessory Enhance Stone
Accessory Enhance Stone I
Accessory Enhance Stone II
Accessory Enhance Stone III

There is a Max Enhance Level, but it can be expanded through Limit Break or Upgrade.

All equipments can be enhanced up to Lv. 180.

Enhance Success and Failure

The success or failure of enhancing equipment depends on the rate. The success rate decreases as the Enhance Level of the equipment increases.

Failing enhancement does not affect the Enhance Level, but consumes Material and Gold.

Success Rate:

Label Percentage
Guaranteed 100%
Very High 80 - 99%
High 60 - 79%
Normal 40 - 59%
Low 20 - 39%
Very Low 10 - 19%
Tiny less than 10%

Limit Break

Equipment's Max Enhance Level increase by 5 through Limit Break. Limit Breaking an item requires material items of the same grade and type regardless of Enhance Level.

The number of Limit Breaks is limited by grade:

Grade Number of Limit break
Magic 1
Rare 2
Legendary 4
Mythical 8


Raise your equipment's grade to Mythical through upgrading!

Weapon Armor Accessory
Upgrade Stone
Weapon Upgrade Stone
Armor Upgrade Stone
Accessory Upgrade Stone

Upgrade Stone and equipment that have the same type as the equipment to be upgraded are required.

Only equipment with the following MAX Enhance Level reached by each grade can be upgraded:

Grade Level
Normal Lv. 5
Advanced Lv. 15
Magic Lv. 35
Rare Lv. 65
Legendary Lv. 110


You can transfer the Enhance Level of an item to another item.

Only the items of the same or higher grade can inherit the Enhance Level.

  • Enhance Level cannot be transferred to an item with a higher Enhance Level than the current item.
  • The Enhance Level decreases when you transfer it from a high grade item to a low grade item.
  • Material item will be consumed once Inherit is successful.
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