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Create epic rivalries through epic 1 vs 1 Deathmatch Battles in real-time.

Climb the ranks and destroy your enemies as you leave your mark in Talion history.


The goal is simple:
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Kill your opponent before they kill you!

If both players are still alive at the end of the match, the player with the most health will be declared the victor.

Victory Points are earned once Deathmatch battles are complete. The more Victory Points you earn the better your rewards and ranking position will be.

Bonus Victory Points:

Earn extra Victory Points by racking up win streaks! Gain a significant advantage between you and your opponents trying to get ahead of you in rank!


Rank Reward
1st 3,000 Rubies
- 10th 2,400 Rubies
- 100th 1,800 Rubies
Top 1% 1,200 Rubies
Top 5% 900 Rubies
Top 10% 600 Rubies
Top 30% 390 Rubies
Top 50% 270 Rubies
Top 70% 210 Rubies
Participation Reward 150 Rubies
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