Character Info

Show your character's level, EXP, Title, Guild, Factions, as well as the information of currencies you own.

Battle Info

Shows all the stats of your character.

It is divided into Basic Battle Info and Detailed Battle Info.



All weapons, armor, and accessories are displayed in each tab and can be managed there.

You can see item info and enhance, upgrade, dismantle, or sell items if necessary.


Displays Consumables such as Materials, Packages, and Relics that are necessary for character growth such as Equipment, Rides, Wings, Costumes, Guardian Fairies, etc.

You can see item info and use or sell items if necessary.


Displays Potions, Scrolls, and Magic Stones, that grant you beneficial effects during battle.

You can see item info and use items.


Dismantle equipment to obtain various Enhance Stones as well as Upgrade Stones at a rare chance.

Both items that cannot be dismantled and locked items may not be dismantled.


You can sell unnecessary items in your possessions.

You can select individual items or select them all at once before selling.

Unsellable or locked items cannot be sold.

Auto Equip

Enables equipping the item with the highest CP first.

Tapping Auto Equip will automatically switch items to ones with a higher CP.

Item Stack

Battle Aids and Materials are stacked in one slot.

The maximum stack may vary by item.

Lock Items

You can protect your items by locking them.

Locked items cannot be sold or dismantled.

Expand Inventory

You can expand your Inventory to secure more space.

You can expand up to 500 slots.

Add to Quickslot

Add Potions, Scrolls, and Magic Stones to Quickslots and use them at your convenience.

You can set up HP Potions to be automatically consumed upon reaching a certain HP level.

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