There are two Alliances available in Talion: Aegis and Bident. Choose your Alliance between Aegis and Bident! You can only choose one of the two mighty Alliances and create characters in that Alliance.

It is not possible to chat with opposing Alliance members, befriend them, or invite them to your party.

You can gain Honor by engaging in battles related to the Alliiance.




Honor can be gained when you kill or assist in killing enemy Alliance members. Your Class and Title are determined by your Honor points.

Killing the same user over and over will earn you less or no Honor points.

Alliance Bounty

Alliance Bounty is issued to all members of the Alliance weekly during the Alliance Aggregation Period.

Rewards are determined by Class and Title.

Alliance Bounties for the Templar class will be divided based on rankings determined by weekly honor gained.


Class is based on the amount of honor you gain.

There are 10 Classes, and the Templar class can receive a Title determined by Alliance rank.

Type of Classes

Union class 02
Union class 03
Union class 04
Union class 05
Union class 06
Union class 07
Union class 08
Royal Guard
Union class 09
Union class 10

Alliance Rank

When you reach the Templar class, your rank is determined by the amount of honor you gain in a week.

Only the Top 100 Players will receive Titles.


A special rank is given to the Top 100 Players among those who have reached the Templar class.

Title is determined at the weekly Alliance Aggregation Period based on the amount of accumulated Honor in a week, and lasts for a week.

Players that receive Titles will also receive the supreme Alliance Bounty.

There are 7 Titles:

Title Condition Alliance Reward
Union peerage 01
Baron Top 100th - 53rd 580 Alliance Coin

77,000 Gold

1,160 Ruby

Union peerage 02
Viscount Top 52nd - 29th 680 Alliance Coin

90,000 Gold

1,350 Ruby

Union peerage 03
Count Top 28th - 17th 790 Alliance Coin

106,000 Gold

1,580 Ruby

Union peerage 04
Marquis Top 16th - 10th 930 Alliance Coin

124,000 Gold

1,850 Ruby

Union peerage 05
Duke Top 9th - 5th 1,080 Alliance Coin

145,000 Gold

2,170 Ruby

Union peerage 06
Archduke Top 4th - 2nd 1,270 Alliance Coin

169,000 Gold

2,540 Ruby

Union peerage 07
King 1st 1,500 Alliance Coin

200,000 Gold

3,000 Ruby

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